We offer access to exclusive property investments and put together a sustainable and tailor-made portfolio for you. WENET acts as an intermediary between specialised companies looking for capital and potential investors With well-founded expertise, we bring yield-oriented investors and promising goals together.


  • Planning
  • Project development
  • New building

Secure offers for your real estate investment

Real estate investments are considered a safe and profitable investment. It is not always necessary to buy a property - there are numerous interesting alternatives. Real estate investments can be divided into direct and indirect investments. Direct real estate investments, i.e. properties for sale, include:

  • Condominiums
  • Commercial real estate
  • Micro flats or student flats

Multi-family houses or single-family houses. Indirect real estate investments are investments in real estate actions, real estate bonds, real estate funds or crowdinvesting in real estate. Which type of real estate investment is suitable for you personally depends in particular on your willingness to take risks and the capital available. Together with our experienced real estate advisors, you can evaluate the ideal option for you and then find suitable properties.

Access to exclusive real estate as an investment with WENET

We offer you access to exclusive real estate as capital investments and put together a sustainable portfolio that is tailored to you in the best possible way. WENET acts as an intermediary between capital-seeking, specialised companies and potential investors. With well-founded competence, we bring together yield-oriented investors and promising targets. We support you in investment projects such as:

  • Planning
  • Project development
  • New construction
  • Construction management

An investment in real estate is so diverse that there is a suitable option for every investor. With Wealth Investment Network AG as your competent partner, you will find the ideal investment for your wishes and needs. Plan your real estate investment with the expert.

Wealth Investment Network AG - Your Partner for Real Estate Investments

Real estate is a low-risk investment with which you can achieve quite attractive returns in the long term and also secure yourself in old-age provision. By choosing a well-maintained property in an attractive location that also shows good development forecasts in the future, the risk is comparatively low. Expert knowledge, risk diversification and a well-thought-out financial plan are also mandatory for a real estate investment.

All the better if you have your personal advisor directly at hand. Wealth Investment Network AG will advise you comprehensively, evaluate the best investment option together with you and find the ideal property as your capital investment. Simply get in touch and benefit from our expertise in real estate investment and management.