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The beautiful village of Pfäffikon in the canton of Schwyz stands above all for living and working in the best surroundings. The place in the municipality of Freienbach has developed in recent years into a dynamic living space that is attractive for living, working and investing. The rich real estate market has exclusive properties in store. With your competent partner, Wealth Investment Network AG directly on site in Pfäffikon SZ, you will find your dream property. Visit our real estate experts in the best central location with a magnificent lake view of Lake Zurich and find your apartment or house in Pfäffikon. 


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The beautiful residential location of Pfäffikon near the agglomeration of Zurich, situated in a varied forest and meadow landscape, offers as many advantages for locals as it does for those interested in real estate and visitors. Numerous clubs and organizations ensure that there is a lively cultural, social and sporting life in the village. A true oasis for families, couples and singles looking for a varied place to live. 

Pfäffikon in the canton of Schwyz - residential & investment properties

The real estate market is as diverse as the town itself. Whether you are looking for a luxurious villa, a modern apartment or a cozy single-family home with a garden - Pfäffikon in the municipality of Freienbach has properties to suit all needs. With our experts at WENET AG, you will have access to the most exclusive real estate offers in Pfäffikon and the entire surrounding area. Together with you, we will find your dream property that exactly fits your needs. In doing so, we support you both in your search for a property for your own occupancy as well as for houses or condominiums for capital investment.

Living in Pfäffikon SZ

Regardless of whether you want to live there for yourself or invest in an investment property that you will subsequently rent out - the environment is crucial. With an apartment or a house in Pfäffikon, you're doing everything right. The main village of the municipality of Freienbach in the canton of Schwyz in the Obersee agglomeration combines nature and landscape with a central location. With a property in Pfäffikon SZ near Lake Zurich and at the gates of the Zurich metropolitan region, you benefit from an attractive residential location. 

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Are you looking for a house or an apartment in Pfäffikon, would you like to move yourself or are you looking for an attractive opportunity to invest in an investment property? Then you have come to the right place with WENET AG. We have many years of experience in the real estate industry, local expertise and concentrated knowledge from our international network. Together with you, we will find the ideal property in Pfäffikon, according to your wishes and needs. Simply contact us and visit our real estate agents at the WENET location in Pfäffikon SZ.